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Mayberry Slough Mooring Area
US Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District History (1992)

On 10 June 1946, the U.S. Government acquired 0.771 license acre and 2.89 lease acres. Total acreage acquired for the site was 3.661.

The site was known as Mayberry Slough Mooring Area. The site was located three miles northeast of Antioch, California on Sherman Island in Sacramento County. The site was used as amooring are for surplus Army vessels and watercraft.. A description of improvements was not available.

3. On 31 December 1953, 0.771 license acre was terminated. Also, on 31 December 1953, one lease of 0.57 acre was terminated. On 18 January 1954, the other lease of 2.32 acres was terminated. The improvements went to the lessor in lieu of restoration
US Army Corps Engineers Real Estate Map
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