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Mount Pierce Radio Relay Annex
US Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District History (2006)
On 10 March 1953, Pacific Lumber Company (PALCO) granted a Right of Entry Permit to the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), who was acting on behalf of the U.S. Air Force, to evaluate Mount Pierce in Humboldt County as a location for a radio relay site. On 21 April 1953, the USACE entered into a lease agreement with PALCO for approximately 0.129 acre site on top of Mount Pierce. This lease was a year to year agreement not to exceed past 30 June 1963. Soon after acquiring the parcel of land, the U.S. Air Force established an unmanned radio relay annex. The Site was under the control of Hamilton AFB.
Constructed upon the site was a single concrete block building which housed the radio relay equipment and emergency backup generator, an above ground fuel storage tank (AST) for the emergency backup generator, and two wooden poles which antennas were mounted to. By 1960, the need for this annex by the government no longer existed and the property was returned to the control of its owner, PALCO who continues to use this facility as a communication station for company timber operations. Under provisions of Supplement Agreement 1 to lease DA-04-203-ENG-3075, PALCO remitted to the United States Government $100.00 for the improvements made to the Site in lieu of removal and restoration.
In 1960, the 0.13 lease acre was terminated and PALCO took title to the improvements. The Site is currently being used by PALCO as a communications station.
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