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Mussel Rock Military Reservation
(Seacoast Searchlight Positions 29 and 30)

US Army Corps of Engineers History
Acquisition: Judgement on the Declaration of Taking dated May 31, 1940, under the provisions of the Act of February 26, 1931( 46 stat. 1421;40 U.S.C. 258a), from John llacready, et al, for the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, Misc. No. 21565-R. $250.00 deposited in the registry of the Court as just compensation for the land taken, which comprises .91 acres and an easement containing .124 acre. $500 final award August 12, 1940.

By Deed dated January 22, 1940 from W. Griffith Henshaw and Irene R. Henshaw, his wife, conveying 1.62 acres, more or less, togther with a right-of-way for an automobile and wagon road, for the sum of $355.00. Recorded in Vol. 896 page 289 of Deeds, San Mateo County. Parcel one consists of 0.57 acres, parcel two (right-of-way) consists of 1.05 aces.
An additional 1.2 acre parcel for the placement of two seacoast seachlights (number 29 and 30) by means of a lease from Mr. John McCready

Site History: The site was utilized by the U.S. Army as a fire control and seach light station for the Harbor Defense of San Francisco . Between 1941 and 1943, three permanent underground concrete structures were built; namely, a power plant room and two base end stations for the following batteries
Seacoast Searchlight Position 29 and 30 were also located either on the 1.20 acre leased parcel.
Air defense was provided by a single .M2 50 caliber machine gun.
Disposal: On 8 September 1947, the War Assets Administration assumed accountability for 1.55 fee acres of land. On 12 September 1958, 3.44 acres of land was reported excess to the General Services Administration (GSA). In 1960, GSA conveyed the 3.44 acres of land by two quitclaim deeds. There was no record of the 1.20 acres leasehold. Records show that 3.564 acres were inspected and policed for the removal or demolition of duds and other unexploded ammunition.
Real Estate Map
Site Map, Mussel Rock Military Reservation
Mussel Rock Datum Point and Right of Way
Leased Parcel, Mussel Rock Military Reservation, Seacoast Serchlight Positions Nos. 29 and 30
Reports of Completed Works - Seacoast Fortifications
Power House
Base End Station, Battery 244 located at Miligra Ridge Military Reservation
Base End Station, Battery 243 located at Fort Miley
Datum Point, Mussel Rock
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