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Naval Direction Finder Station, Port Hueneme
(Naval Radio Station, Port Hueneme; Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory)
Port Hueneme Lighthouse, 1874-1941
US Army Corps of Engineer Los Angeles District History (1998)
In September 1920, the U.S. Navy was given permission by the Department of Commerce to occupy approximately 23 acres (with no definite boundaries) on Point Hueneme where a US Lighthouse Service (until 1939 when the service was merged with the US Coast Guard) lighthouse was also located. In 1942, the GSA transferred 6.85 acres to the Navy. The GSA also issued the Navy an occupancy permit for 15.5 acres. In 1954, the GSA transferred the 15.5 acre parcel to the Navy. The Coast Guard transferred 2.94 acres in 1971 and 4.597 acres in 1974 to the Navy. Total holdings of the Navy as of 1982, according to Navy records, was approximately 31.52 acres which cannot be reconciled with the individual property acquisition of 29.887 acres.

In 1920, the Navy established a naval radio compass station (which later became a direction finder) to transmit and receive messages from maritime vessels. In 1940, the Naval Direction Finder Station was demolished and at least partly relocated opposite the lighthouse. In 1942, the Navy established their Advance Base Depot on the property for the duration of World War II. In 1952, the Navy established the Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory on the property which remained until the Navy vacated the property. During the Navy's control of the property, the Direction Finder Station was built but there is no evidence that any of the structures belonging to this facility still exist. Additionally, the Navy constructed over 70 buildings of various kinds on this property since the 1950s, most of which still exist.

In 1997, the Navy transferred approximately 34.32 acres to the Department of Transportation, which subsequently quitclaimed the property to the Oxnard Harbor District. The difference in acreage between acquisition and disposal documents cannot be accounted for, however, it is reasonable to assume the discrepancy may be the result of survey differences. The property is currently vacant and un-maintained but the Harbor District has plans for expanding the harbor facilities and the City of Pt. Hueneme has plans for establishing some small scale commercial enterprises. To date, none of the Navy improvements have been beneficially used.
1941 Lighthouse
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