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Naval Hospital, Shoemaker
(Naval Hospital, Pleasanton)

Part of "Fleet City", the 3,000-bed hospital once located here served Navy personnelstationed at Camps Parks and Shoemaker. The hospital commissioned in 1943, closed after World War II, was razed in the 1990.
History by Thomas L. Snyder
Originally designated “U. S. Naval Hospital, Pleasanton, California”, this 2000 bed hospital sprung up in a vast area of flat land a few miles east of the Oakland Hills of the San Francisco Bay Area. Originally intended to care for people attached to the nearby Construction Battalion Personnel Depot and a Navy Personnel Center, the hospital had 1,000 beds when it was commissioned 1 October 1943. Less than a year later, it had 2,000 official beds, but was capable of caring for nearly 3,600. Post-war demobilization struck quickly, and the hospital was decommissioned 30 June 1946
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Fleet City
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