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North Highlands Air National Guard Station
(North Highlands Armory)
History (2007)
Headquartered at North Highlands Air National Guard Station in Roseville, a suburb of Sacramento, 162nd Combat Communications Group is composed of six Combat Communications Squadrons (147th, San Diego; 222nd, Costa Mesa; 148th, March ARB; 261st, Van Nuys, 149th, North Highlands; 234th, Hayward) and the 216th Engineering/Installation Squadron, Hayward.
In 1995 the Secretary of Defense recommended closing North Highlands Air Guard Station (AGS) and relocating the 162nd Combat Communications Group (CCG) and the 149th Combat Communications Squadron (CCS) to McClellan AFB, California. Relocation of the 162nd CCG and 149th CCS onto McClellan AFB would provide a more cost-effective basing arrangement than presently exists by avoiding some of the costs associated with maintaining the installation. Because of the very short distance from the units present location in North Highlands to McClellan AFB, most of the personnel will remain with the unit.
The DoD recommendation on North Highlands AGS directed the unit to relocate to McClellan AFB, California. Because the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission recommended closure of McClellan AFB, the DoD recommendation could not be implemented. Given the cost associated with relocating the unit to another Air Force base, the Commission found the Guard Station and unit should remain at North Highlands.
Update (2015)
By 2015, all Air National Guard activities were transferred to Beale Air Force Base. At that time the Air Force transferred control of the station to the State of California for use as a state armory. It is currently occupied by units of the California State Military Reserve.


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