CaliforniaMilitia and National Guard Unit Histories
Oakland Home Guard
(13th, 14th, 15th and 16th Companies, California Home Guard)
The following article was copied from the December 22, 1917 issue of California Home Guard News.

"Behind the Government"

Since the organization of a full regiment of Home Guard at San Francisco, Cal., new life has been put into ourorganization, and great results are looked for.

We have the full co-operation of the city officials, including the Mayor, Commissioners and the Chief of Police. The gymnasium of the City Hall has been turned over to us for Headquarters, drill and business meetings. Drill is held every Thursday evening. At the present time we need the assistance of the "Guard News," and we know that it
will receive the support of our organization throughout the State. May you continue to publish it.

The visits made by Captain C. P. of your regiment (1st Regiment, CHG), have been beneficial to our organization, and we hope that more officers of the First Regiment will avail themselves of the opportunity.
Below is a list of our officers, who are all earnest workers, and assure you of their hearty support.

Thirteenth Company
Captain Ellis G. Towt, Service, Royal Engineers, 2 years; 3 years U. S. A.
First Lieutenant Robert Robertson, 3 years Black Watch, 42nd Royal Highlanders.
Fourteenth Company
First Lieutenant R. O'Niell, Service, U. S. Army.
Second Lieutenant H. C. Smith, Service, U. S. Army.
Fifteenth Company
First Lieutenant J. J. McCammon, Service, Spanish-American War.
Second Lieutenant Cochran McCarron, Graduate University Training School.
Sixteenth Company
First Lieutenant E. Rodriques, Service, U. S. Army.
Second Lieutenant B. Frank Noel, Service, U. S. Army


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