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Oxnard Air Force Base Instrument Landing System Outer Marker Annex
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1995)

On 25 June 1952, 1.95 acres were acquired by the Air Force for the ILS outer Marker Annex site; 0.99 acre by fee from a private corporation and 0.96 acre by easement. The site was
acquired pursuant to RE-D 5474. Title to the 0.99 acre parcel was eventually vested to the government on 29 October 1953 by a grant deed from the private corporation. ·

The site was used for navigation aids for Oxnard Air Force Base. This consisted of an outer marker and homer beacon.
The property was reported excess to the General Services Administration on 20 April 1970, as amended 21 May 1970 and 9 December 1970, following announcement of its closure by the
Secretary of Defense on October 29, 1969 (refer to Department of the Air Force Disposal Report No. 270). The property was eventually deeded to the Ventura County Department of Airports on 23 June 1977 and recorded on 21 December 1977 as part of the overall transfer of Oxnard Air Force Base to Ventura County.


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