California Militia and National Guard Unit Histories
Oxnard Home Guard
(64th Company, California Home Guard)
The following article was copied from the February 8, 1918 issue of Oxnard Daily Courier

It is now 64th Company, California Home Guard, of Oxnard, instead of the Oxnard Home Guards. Letter from J. J. Borree saying that .the state license had been issued to the Oxnard company, and giving it the above designation was received Wednesday. The Oxnard Home Guard applied a long time ago to be licensed under the new state regulations. After a time a reply was received that no more home guard companies would be licensed. Then began an argument of the officers of the Guard with the state officials, the Oxnard men contending that the company was oganized, uniformed and armed and should have a license. This argument finally won as the following letter to C. F. Blackstock, who conducted the negotiations, attests:
Mr. Charles F. Blackstock
Oxnard, Calif.
Inasmuch as "The Oxnard Home Guard is already uniformed and armed" it has been decided that a state license shall be issued to such organization to drill and bear arms as a company of California Home Guard. Pursuant to the decision to license organizations that are uniformed and armed, or that have the funds necessary to uniform and arm the organization making application for such license, a new form of state license for issuance to these organizations has been adopted and same is now in the hands of the state printer. As soon as same are received by the office a license will be issued to the Oxnard Home Guard, and such organization will be designated and known as the Sixty-fourth Company, California Home Guard, Oxnard, California.
Very respectfully,
The Adjutant General




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Posted 20 December 2016