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Playa Del Rey Fire Control Site No. 1
Harbor Defenses Los Angeles
A World War II era fire control site that provided figing data to Battery 127/Battery Paul D. Bunker at White Point Military Reservation and the Harbor Defense Command Post at Fort MacArthur.
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1993)

The site identified as the former Playa Del Rey Site No. 1 was comprised of 5 lots within the block bounded by Campbell Street, Trask Avenue, Barbour Street and Earldom Avenue in the
City of Playa Del Rey, California. (Several very small increments of land along the coast were also included with this site for cable use as noted below).

On 19 September 1942, 0.90 acres were acquired by the direct purchases and condemnations and 0.56 acres were acquired by lease. Six use permits were acquired which contained "no area".

The site was used as a fire control station as part of the Harbor Defenses of Los Angeles. During occupation by the US Army, a steel fire control tower, a generator building, a communication cable, and a steel fence were constructed.

The property was declared surplus 31 December 1949. On 28 January 1953, 0.89 acres were transferred by fee to the General Services Administration (GSA) . GSA conveyed the land to David Glassman and Phillip Kline by Quitclaim Deed dated 29 July 1953. The property was used for residential purposes. The lease of 0.56 acre from Standard Oil Company of California was terminated 21 September 1951. The 6 cable rights of way involving "no area" were transferred to the cities of Los Angeles, Palos Verdes, Estates Redondo Beach and Torrance, and to the Pacific Electric Raiway between 27 October 1953 and 1 September 1954. The transfer agreements relieved the U.S. Government of any responsibility relative to maintenance or repair of communication cable.

The site is currently being used for residential purposes.
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Report of Completed Works - Seacoast Fortification
Images courtesy of Coast Defense Study Group
Extract, War Department Inventory of Owned, Sponsored and Leased Facilities, 1945


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