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Point Arena Air Force Station
(Point Arena Communications Annex)
US Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District History

Locations: The two sites are located in Mendocino County approximately eight miles east southeast and one half mile west of the City of Point Arena, California. See Maps 1, 2 and 3.
History: Prior to 2 July 1947, the Air Force acquired 97.20 lease acres approximately 8 miles east southeast of Point Arena in Mendocino County, California for use as a radar site. The site was known as Point Arena Comm Fac Annex and Point Arena Radar Site, CA. Improvements were not listed. On 30 September 1949, 97.20 lease acres were terminated. There is no information regarding restoration provisions. County assessor's records indicate that property currently occupied by the Point Arena Air Force Radar Station, totaling approximately 98 acres, was acquired by the Air Force in 1955, 1961 and 1965. This site is currently active.

A second site, located approximately one half mile west of the city of Point Arena, was used as a submarine/aircraft lookout station during World War II. No records were located regarding purchase or lease of the property.
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