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Poso Auxilary Field
(Minter Auxiliary Field No. 6)
US Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District History (1994)

In a Declaration of Taking dated 11 December 1942, filed 5 January 1942, the War Department acquired title to approximately 640 acres of land from: H.J. Brandt et al (80 acres), Chanselor-Canfield Midway Oil Company (240 acres), Wilbur J. and Eleanor P. Filley (160 acres) and Tidewater Associated oil Company (160 acres).

Approximately 400 acres of this property were used as an auxiliary air field for the Army Air Forces basic flying school at Minter Field, approximately 7 miles to the southwest. Improvements to the property during War Department ownership included a 3,000 foot x 3,000 foot paved landing mat, a 200 foot x 1500 foot paved landing strip, 3 small wooden buildings (stage house, 324 square-feet; crash-truck shelter 1,024 square-feet; and latrine, 36, square-feet), lighting and a power distribution system, and fencing around the 400 acres upon which the improvements were made.

Approximately 240 unimproved acres of the original 640 acre acquisition were declared surplus by the War Department on 1 October 1944 and were transferred to the Farm Credit Administration on 10 October 1946. That acreage consisted of two parcels; 111.5 acres east of the developed airfield and 128.8 acres west of the airfield. Approximately 83 acres of the
western parcel were deeded to Wilbur J. and Eleanor P. Filley on 27 January 1947. Approximately 64 acres of the eastern parcel were deeded to Clare and Velma Rexroth on 16 May 1947. On 24 March 1977, the southern 33 feet of each parcel were conveyed to Getty oil Company and to Clare and Velma Rexroth, respectively.

When and to whom the remaining 93 acres of this 240 acres were conveyed is not known. According to Kern County records, present owners of these 240 acres are Famosa Vineyards (111.5 acre eastern parcel), and ATC Realty Nine, Inc. (128.8 acre western parcel).
The approximately 400 acres used for the air field were declared surplus on 8 October 1946 and transferred to the War Assets Administration on 15 April, 1947. Improvements were transferred
with the property. On 26 November 1947, those 400 acres, including improvements, were conveyed to Kern county via quitclaim deed.
Extract, US Army Air Forces Directory of Airfields (January 1945)
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