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The museum's speakers program is currently inactive.
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Schools classes are welcome to take a guided tour of the main museum museum in Sacramento. Tours can be designed for elementary through college level. To find out more about this educational resource, please contact the museum at 916/442-2883,
Oral History Programs
World War II Oral History Program
Your service experiences are needed for present and future generations. World War Two veterans, from all branches of Service are invited to register for oral history interviews. The California State Military Museum, Sacramento; in conjunction with the University of California, Los Angeles and the California State University, Los Angeles; have established the California Military History Educational Project The Museum has been tasked to develop military history educational curriculum materials to supplement the history instruction at all California elementary, intermediate and high schools. Part of this is to develop a database of World War 2 veterans for oral history interviews. if you register you will not be required to do anything but tell us something of your recollections. This will be a chance to tell your history, to help preserve the memories of experiences. Your story is important and we would like to interview you, at a time and place convenient to you. The interview will be archived at the museum and you will be provided with a free copy of the interview for your and your families, use.
Simply contact Bill Davies, the project officer, and provide him with your mailing address (or email address if you have one). He can be reached by phone at (916) 278-5452; by mail as Bill Davies, WW2 Oral History Project, California State Military Museum, 1119 2nd Street, Sacramento CA 95814; or by email at A one page (two sided) form will be sent that asks you to provide your basic military service information. Return the completed form in the enclosed stamped envelope. Just completing that simple form will be a significant help to us! You may indicate a desire or willingness for a face to face recorded interview on the form you complete. We will conduct interviews based upon our resources to do the interviews; a priority based on the data you provide and your scheduling convenience.

To Fly Beneath the Waves: World War II Submarine Veterans History Project:

As a tribute to those men who silently served our nation in submarines during World War II, the California State Military Museum has announced its plans to participate in an extensive history project proposed by and being developed by the California Center for Military History designed to capture the true-to-life experiences of our nation's submarine veterans of World War II, entitled: "To Fly Beneath The Waves" – The World War II Submarine Veterans Oral History Project.

These unsung warriors fought a secretive undersea war against Japan that was perhaps the most decisive single factor in the collapse of the Japanese economy and logistic support of the Japanese naval power. Yet, for over fifty years, their remarkable story has remained virtually untold –until now.

Motivated by the urgent need to collect the stories and experiences of our nation's surviving submarine veterans of World War II while they are still among us, the California Center for Military History partnered with Abbey Academy of Arts Incorporated, who unveiled their plans to launch this multi-year, multi-phase digital video oral history project.

Knowing that this and future generations of Americans have much to learn from those veterans who served their country during World War II, the California State Military Museum embraced the World War II Submarine Veterans Oral History Project.

To further facilitate the project, the California Center for Military History has teamed with the California Military History Educational Project and has developed interview guidelines, survey questionnaires and a project overview, complete with sample "Lesson Plans" and "Student Worksheets", for use by teachers and students alike under the programing of the California Military History Educational Project.

This extensive oral history program will capture the experiences of our nation's World War II submarine veterans and then present their stories in such a way as to educate and inspire the next generation of youth. Instead of a dry historical perspective, through the use of the Internet, combining the power to television, video and multimedia programing with online interaction, we propose to present a visually stimulating presentation that is both educational and entertaining in a contemporary format that will reach out to our youth.

Typically, interviews span only the period of World War II. However, interviews may include discussions of various tours of duty during the course of a submariner's career and can generally cover a wide range of topics and personalities. These videos will be made available for research at the California State Military Museum. Video interviews will ultimately be transcribed, annotated and indexed –making available the recollections of these unsung warriors for future generations.

For more information, visit our web site at or contact the Project Director, WO1 Mark J. Denger at

Attention Amateur Historians, Military History Buffs and Students!
Amateur historians, military history buffs, students interested in helping with this project please write or email Bill Davies (info above). Provide information on your background, history experiences, oral interviewing experiences, clerical ability, resources and the level of time commitment you may be able to provide.
Your participation to help accomplish meaningful research will gain our heartfelt thanks, perhaps some academic credit if you are enrolled in a program, perhaps some travel expenses and, for a particularly significant body of military history research, you may be awarded official California recognition.
Library of Congress Affiliation

Veterans History Project

Both programs are official partners of the Veterans History Project of the Library of Congress
To view the transcripts of completed oral histories CLICK HERE

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