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Point Loma Annex, Naval Supply Center San Diego
(Naval Coaling Station, La Playa; Naval Fuel Depot, La Playa)
An undated image of Gig (a type of launch) passing Naval Coaling Station, La Playa
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1993)

Point Lorna was declared a military reservation by Executive Order on 26 February 1852. In 1901 the U.S. Army transferred the northerly 2,900 feet of the shoreline, or 360.12 acres of this 1300.42 acre military reservation, to the U.S. Navy for a coaling station. This station was eventually renamed the Naval Supply Center San Diego, Point Lorna Annex.
The Naval Supply Center (NSC) San Diego, Point Lorna Annex was originally known as the Naval Coaling Station, La Playa. The station was renamed the Naval Fuel Depot, La Playa in 1930, and renamed the NSC San Diego, Point Lorna Annex in 1943. In the years prior to World War II, the U.S. Navy constructed eight above ground steel fuel-oil storage tanks, two above ground steel diesel-fuel tanks, and four underground diesel-fuel tanks on the site. Ammunition storage bunkers and magazines were also built on the site.
After the war, a 16-mile-long underground jet fuel/aviation gas pipeline was constructed to connect the NAS (later MCAS) Miramar and the NSC Point Lorna Annex. Lube-oil storage facilities were subsequently increased and fuel storage tanks were modernized.

In 1980, all ordnance materials were removed from the NSC San Diego, Point Lorna Annex and transferred to North Island. On 1 March 1964, the U.S. Navy leased 5.80 acres of the original NSC site to the University of California, Scripps Institute of Oceanography to support a variety of administration, repair, storage, and research activities.
The remaining 354.32 acres of the NSC is currently being actively utilized by the U.S. Navy. In August 1992, the NSC was renamed the Fleet and Industrial Center, San Diego.
The University of California Scripps Institute of Oceanography was granted the permit for the 5.80 acre portion of the NSC to provide a ship repair and equipment loading facility for its program of oceanographic marine studies. Four buildings have been built on the site. The buildings are used for administration, ship and equipment repair and oceanographic research. A portion of the site is used for equipment storage. In 1977, the University of California Scripps Institute of Oceanography was granted full title to what is called the Nimitz Marine Facility site.
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