Historic California Posts, Camps, Stations and Airfields
Red Bluff Housing Annex
by Sgt Maj (CA) Dan Sebby, Historian, California Military Department
Former Red Bluff Housing Annex was used by the US Air Force to provide family housing for personnel stationed at Red Bluff Air Force Station (AFS) from 1958 to 1972. Table 3 1 summarizes the Site history from pre-Air Force use (1958) to the present.

Prior to Air Force use, the Site was a portion of the Olive Park Subdivision and was used as agricultural land.

In 1958, the U.S. Government purchased 4.27 acres to establish the Red Bluff Housing Annex which provided family housing for Red Bluff AFS personnel. Construction of 16 single-family houses was completed in 1960. Other improvements to the Site made by the U.S. Air Force included water and sewer mains and a roadway. All the houses were on Acwron street, an acronym for Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron. Heat was provided to the Site via public utility services and there were no fuel storage tanks located on the Site. No as-built maps were obtained for the Site. On 10 December 1970, the Site was declared surplus property by the U.S. Army and transferred to the General Services Administration (GSA). In 1972, the GSA quitclaimed a total of 4.27 acres to the City of Red Bluff.

The Site was divided into 16 parcels as 16 single-family homes. The City of Red Bluff sold the 16 parcels to individual grantees by quitclaim deeds. Currently, all 16 single-family homes are still occupied



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