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Red Mountain Light Annex
Undated US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History
This is a debris removal project located on land under the control of the Bureau of Land Management in the Ridgecrest Resource Area. In the past the site was the location of a beacon tower isolated on Red Mountain peak at an elevation of 5,300 feet, which is 1,600 feet above the nearest jeep trail. Currently there is no structure, there is only a concrete slab (approx. 40 square feet) and miscellaneous debris. Site access is limited to either foot travel or air travel (helicoptor).

The United States Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management has proposed that a project be approved under the Defense Environmental Restoration Program to remove structures and restore Bureau of Land Management land in the Ridgecrest Resource Area. The work the Bureau of Land Management has requested to be accomplished is the removal of existing structures and appurtenances that were built as part of beacon tower site.

The site involved in the proposed project is an appurtenance of George AFB, located in a portion of the Ridgecrest Resource Area known as Red Mountain Light Annex. The Air Force enjoyed exclusive use of the 0.10 acre site under a letter permit (RO 7693) to the Department of the Air Force through the Corps of Engineers dated 4 August 1966. On March 12, 1968 the site was designated an off-base installation of George Air Force Base under the jurisdiction of the Twelfth Air Force and given the name Red Mountain Light Annex.

According to the records of the Los Angeles District there has not been a, request made to dispose of the site.

The facility has been determined to be excess to Air Force requirements, as a consequence, the Air Force has removed its personal property. No official action has been taken to return the site to public domain. Action will begin now to relinquish Air Force control of the site.


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