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Established as a separate activity in February 2009, the Image Library collects, catalogs, preserves, and makes available to historians, researchers, and the general public, photographs and digital images of California's rich military history.

If you have photographs, either "hard copy" or digital copies that depict our California military history, please consider donating them to the museum.

The following is an index of what is available for review: To view these images online you need a Hewlitt-Packard Snapfish account Click the icon to the right to get an account. Prints and other products are also available from Snapfish.

For high resolution scans or for use in commercial applications, to include publishing of magazines and books, please contact the museum curator for a fee schedule.

This program was initially funded by a gift from Colonel James Pritzker and the California State Military Museum Foundation.


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1st Battalion of Field Artillery, California National Guard
Beatrice Lechtenfeld Collection, Battery C Stockton and Nogales, Arizona, 1916
Major General Otto Sandman Collection: Battery C, Mexican Border Service, 1916-1917
1st Coast Defense Command, Coast Artillery Corps, California National Guard
1st Composite Group
Major General (California) Carl Aulick Collection: Camp Roberts 1956 and 1958
1st Engineer Fire Fighting Detachment
1st Filipino Infantry Regiment
1st Infantry Battalion, California Militia
Company D (Petaluma Guard)
1st Infantry Regiment, California Militia
1st Infantry Regiment, California National Guard
1st Squadron, Cavalry, California National Guard
1st Lt. George Olmsted Collection, Troop B (Company C, 145th Machine Gun Battalion)
Capt. James Gunn Collection, Troop D (Headquarters Troop, 40th Division/6th Depot Division, American Expeditionary Force)
1st Separate Battalion of Engineers, California National Guard
Wallace Mason Collection: 1916-1917
2nd Infantry Regiment, California National Guard
5th Infantry Regiment, California National Guard
Howard W. Derby Collection, Batteries B and M, Mexican Border Service, 19 June - 7 October 1916
6th Company, Coast Artillery Corps, California National Guard
Francis McQuaide Collection, Forts Barry and Winfield Scott
7th Infantry Regiment, California National Guard
7th Infantry Regiment, California Volunteers
8th Infantry Regiment, California National Guard
9th Infantry Regiment, California National Guard
36th Armored Infantry Regiment:
Robert Dougherty Collection, European Theater, 1944-1945
40th Armored Division
Major General Homer Eaton Collection: Annual Training, 1959
Combat Command A
40th Division
Edward N. Jackson Collection: Camp Kearny, 1918
40th Infantry Division
World War II
Official Signal Corps Sets 1 and 2, World War II
Surrender of the Imperial Japanese Army, Panay Island, Commonwealth of the Philippines, September 1945
1941 Fort Lewis Maneuvers
Korea: 1952-1954
Colonel Kenwood Rohrer Collection
Colonel Curwood Reynolds Collection
40th Infantry Division Artillery
Korea: 1952-1954
Jim Hilbert Collection
40th Infantry Division Engineer Brigade
Colonel Michael Herman Collection, Iraq, 2004-2005
40th Ordnance Battalion
40th Tank Company
San Luis Obispo, 1936
49th Infantry Division
Annual Training 1962
Annual Training 1963
Annual Training 1964
Major General Paul R. Teilh Collection:
Annual Training 1965
Annual Training 1966
Annual Training 1967
49th Infantry Division Artillery
Brigadier General Andrew Wolf Collection
49th Military Police Brigade
Tactical Command Post Detention Operations, Iraq 2010
49th Military Police Company
59th Army Band
61st Fighter Wing
Annual Training 1948
62nd Fighter Wing
Annual Training 1947
79th Infantry Brigade Combat Team
Annual Training, Camp Roberts, 2010
107th Cavalry Regiment (Horse), Fort Ord
111th Armored Cavalry Regiment
112th Antiaircraft Artillery Brigade
Brig Gen David Hardy Collection: Annual Training, Camp San Luis Obispo and Camp Cooke, 10-24 July 1949 (Three Volumes)
Annual Training, Fort Irwin, 26 June - 10 July 1954
114th Antiaircraft Artillery Brigade
115th Observation Squadron
Lt.Col. Russell C.A. Larsen Collection, 1918-1940
Broadman C. Reed Collection, 1931-1942
116th Observation Squadron (Washington National Guard), Camp Merriam, 1936
117th Engineer Regiment:
Maj. Gen. Wallace Mason Collection, 1917-1919
126th Medical Company
129th Rescue Wing
132nd Engineer Battalion
140th Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion
Don Donnelley Collection, Battery A, Korea
140th Aviation Regiment:
Company A, 1st Battalion, Iraq, 2005
140th Tank Battalion
143rd Field Artillery Battalion
143rd Field Artillery Regiment
Russell Baker Collection, Camp Kearny, 1917-1918
Richard Ochs Collection, San Luis Obispo, 1929 and 1931
Major General (California) Walter Titus Collection
144th Air Defense Group
Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, 1968
144th Field Artillery Regiment
Battery C, 1930's
144th Fighter Wing
Images by William T. Larkin
146th Airlift Wing
Annual Training: 1960
146th Fighter Wing:
Annual Training, 1954
Annual Training, 1955
Annual Training, 1956
146th Military Airlift Group
Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, 1968
149th Armor Regiment
1st Battalion Annual Training, Fort Irwin, 1968
149th Aircraft Warning and Control Flight
149th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion
159th Infantry Regiment (5th California)
160th Infantry Regiment (7th California)
Dante P. Mangione Collection, San Luis Obispo, 1930
Palace Studio Collection
1939: 600 Series
1939: 700 Series
1939: 800 Series
163rd Fighter Wing
Annual Training, 1956
163rd Reconnaissance Wing
184th Infantry Regiment (2nd California)
2nd Battle Group Airlift, Annual Training, 16 June 1959
Eyvind M. Faye Collection: Company B, 1930's San Luis Obispo and 1934 San Francisco Dock Strike
Master Sergeant Dan Dorsa Collection: 1st Battalion (Air Assault). Iraq. 2004-2005 (Digital Images Only)
185th Armor Regiment
185th Infantry Regiment
Camp Merriam 1936
Camp San Luis Obispo, 1950
Service Company
World War II
Post World War II
1980 Reunion
194th Tank Battalion
Company C Reunion, 24 January 1984
199th Tank Battalion
216th Communications Construction Squadron
217th Transportation Battalion (Aircraft Repair)
222nd Field Artillery Regiment
223rd Infantry Regiment
Colonel Clarence J. Stewart Collection: 223rd Infantry Regiment, Camp San Luis Obispo, California, 1948
224th Infantry Regiment
233rd Antiaircraft Artillery Group
240th Signal Battalion
250th Coast Artillery Regiment (1st California)
Camp McQuaide, 1931
251st Air Defense Artillery Regiment
Battery D, 4th Missile Battalion (Nike Hercules), 251st Air Defense Artillery Regiment, Los Angeles Defense Area Site LA-43 (White Point), August 1972
251st Coast Artillery Regiment
Camp Malakole, Territory of Hawaii
Eugene H. Fuson Collection, Camp Malakole, Territory of Hawaii, 1941
Anthony Iantorno Collection, Battery H, Camp Malakole, Territory of Hawaii, 1941
270th Military Police Company
271st Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion
272nd Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion
397th Signal Radar Maintenance Unit
561st Air Force Band
570th Military Police Company
579th Engineer Battalion
625th Field Artillery Battalion
MSgt Robert L. Hanson Collection, 1950-1953
640th Tank Destroyer Battalion
720th Antiaircraft Artillery Missile Battalion (Nike-Ajax)
970th Military Police Company
981st Field Artillery Battalion
Gerald Appelhaus Collection, 1951-1952
Joseph R Elonich Collection (1953) (Digital Images Only)
1402nd Engineer Battalion
Air Defense Artillery (Nike-Ajax and Nike-Hercules Programs)
Alcatraz Island
Almeden Air Force Station (Digital Images Only)
Amphibious Training Base, Coronado
Amphibious Training Base, Morro Bay
9th Service Command Collection
Army Air Corps Maneuvers
Army Air Defense Command
Los Angeles Defense Area
LA-04, Palmdale
LA-43, White Point
LA-55, Palos Verdes
LA-57, Torrance
LA-78, Malibu
LA-88, Chatsworth
LA-94, Los Pinetos
LA-96, Van Nuys
San Francisco Defense Area
SF-91, Angel Island
Travis Defense Area
T-86, Fairfield/Cement Hill
Army Aviation
Photographs by William Larkins
Athlone Auxiliary Field
59th Army Band
561st Air Force Band
Banning General Hospital (including Naval Convalesent Hospital, Banning)
Birmingham General Hospital (Van Nuys General Hospital)
Bishop Army Air Field
Benicia Arsenal (including Benicia Barracks and Benica Quartermaster Depot)
Boron Air Force Station
Blythe Army Air Field
Cal Aero Flight Academy Contract Flying School, Ontario (Including Chino Airport)
California Cadet Corps and High School Cadets
Cadet Master Sergeant Gonzalo Zamora Collection: Porterville High School (Company B, 83rd Cadet Battalion, 3rd Brigade), 1999-2002
Paul Woolf Collection, Red Bluff Union High School (11th Cadet Battalion), 1956-1959
Jack Espinal Collection, Sacramento, 1960-1983
Cadet Corps Rifle Team, Camp Perry, OH 1981 (Video)
Grant Union High School (17th Cadet Battalion), 1977-1979 (PDF Documents)
Summer Camp 1981, Camp San Luis Obispo (Video)
Snow Survival 1979-1980 (Video)
Cadet Corps 1960-1983
California Military Academy
Officer Candidate School
Noncommissioned Officer School
California Militia
California National Guard Armories and Readiness Centers
Lodi Armory
Los Angeles Exposition Boulevard Armory
Palace and Lennie Studios Collection
San Bernadino
San Diego
San Francisco Mission Street
California National Guard Rifle and Pistol Teams
California Quartermaster Depot
Cambria Air Force Station
Camp at Santa Rosa, August 1886 (1st Infantry Regiment, California National Guard)
Camp Ashby
Camp Atascadero
1st California Infantry, 1908, Colonel Henry G. Mathewson Collection
Camp Beale
Camp Calexico
Camp Callan
Camp Clipper
Camp Cooke
Lennie Studios Collection
Series D, 1951
Camp Coxcomb (Coxcomb Divisional Camp)
Camp Del Mar
Camp Del Monte
Camp Diablo
Camp Elliot
Camp Fremont
Camp Haan
Camp John P. Pryor
Camp Joseph H. Pendleton
Camp Kearny
Camp Kohler (Including Sacramento Assembly Center and Walegra Engineer Depot)
Camp La Mesa
Camp Lockett (including Mitchell General Hospital)
Camp McCormick (Hotel Huntington, Pasadena)
Camp Pinedale
Camp Parks and Parks Air Force Base
Camp Robert H. Dunlap
Camp Roberts
Camp Rousso
Camp San Diego
Camp San Luis Obispo (Including Camp Merriam)
9th Service Command Collection
81st Infantry Division
Palace Studios Collection
A Series, 1933
B Series, 1934
C Series, 1935
F Series, 1938
H Series, 1939
Lennie Studios Collection
K Series, 1940-1941
L Series, 1941-1942
M Series, 1943
N Series, 1944-1945
P Series, 1945
C Series, 1948
Camp Santa Anita
Annadorf German VilliageTraining Site
Camp Seaside
Camp Selfridge
Camp Sequoia / Sequoia Army Air Field
Camp Stoneman (Pittsburg)
Camp Stoneman (Santa Cruz)
Camp Young and Shavers Army Air Field
Chino Airport (includes Cal-Aero Flight Academy)
Citizens Military Training Camps
Camp Del Monte, 1925
Camp John P. Pryor, Del Monte, 1932
Civil Disturbances
San Francisco Dock Strike of 1934
Watts, Los Angeles, 1965
People's Park. Berkeley, June1969
Isla Vista/University of California at Santa Barbara, 1970
Diablo Canyon, 9-23 September 1981
Crissy Field
Photopraphs by William Larkins
Coalinga Municipal Airport
Coast Guard Station Morro Bay
Davis Strategic Communications Station
Dairyland Prisoner of War Branch Camp, Madera, 1945
Long Beach Earthquake, 1933
San Francisco Earthquake, 1906
1st California Infantry Regiment, Colonel Henry G. Mathewson Collection
Yuba City Floods, 1955
Edwards Air Force Base (including Muroc Army Air Field)
Muroc Army Air Field 1942
Firebaugh Prisoner of War Branch Camp, 1945
First Lieutenant Neil L. King Collection: Mather Field, CA; Columbus Advanced Flying School/Army Air Field, MS; Foster Army Air Field, TX
Five Point No.1 Prisoner of War Branch Camp, 1945
Fort Baker
Fort Barry
Battery Alexander
Battery Kirby
Fort Bidwell
Fort Chronkhite
Battery Townsley
Fort Funston
Battery Davis
Fort Hunter Liggett (including Hunter Liggett MilitaryReservation)
Fort Irwin
Fort MacArthur
Fort Mason
Fort McDowell
Greg Jennings Collection, Camp Reynolds, circa 1900
Fort Miller
Fort Ord (including Camp Ord, Camp Gigling, and Gigling Range)
Prisoner of War Camps, 1944-1945
107th Cavalry Regiment (Horse)
Fort Rosecrans
Battery Calef-Wilkeson
Battery McGrath
Fort Winfield Scott (including Fort Point)
Fourth Army Maneuvers, San Luis Obispo County, 1937
Fresno Fairgrounds (including Fresno Assembly Center and Army Air Forces Basic Training Center No. 8)
General Officers, United States Army
General of the Army George C. Marshall
General of the Army Omar Bradley
General Jonathan Wainwright IV
Welcome Home Parade, San Francisco, 9 September 1945
General Mark Clark
General William C. Westmoreland
General Officers, State Military Forces (National Guard and State Military Reserve)
Lieutenant General Anthony Palumbo
Lieutenant General Herbert Temple
Major General (California) Carl Aulick
Major General Charles O. Ott, Jr.
Major General Curtis D. O'Sullivan
Farewell Luncheon
Retirement Party
Major General Daniel Hernandez
Major General Daniel Hudelson
Major General David Baldwin
Major General Earl Jones
Major General Frank J. Schoeber
Major General Glenn Ames
Major General (California) Harcourt Hervey
Major General Homer Eaton
Major General Leonard Thomas
Major General Mary J. Kight
Major General Roy Green
Major General Samuel Backus
Major General Thomas K. Turnage
Major General (California) Wallace Mason
Major General (California) Walter Titus
Brigadier General (California) Donald Mattson
Brigadier General George W. Fisher
Brigadier General (California) Donald Riach
Brigadier General John Hewston
Brigadier General Victor Hanson
Georgetown Forest Fire, September 1960
Edmund G "Jerry" Brown, Jr.
Edmund G. "Pat" Brown, Sr.
George Deukmajian
Goodwin Knight
Ronald Reagan
Earl Warren
Hamilton Air Force Base (including Hamilton Field and Hamilton Army Airfield)
Photographs by William Larkins
Hammer Field
Hammond General Hospital
Hancock College of Aeronautics
Croadman C. Reed Collection, Class 40E, 1941
Harbor Defenses of San Francisco
Hayward Air National Guard Base (Including Hayward Army Air Field)
Photographs by William Larkins
Hollywood and the Military
Japanese Attacks on California
Shelling of Ellwood Oil Fields, Goletea, 23 February 1942
Torpedo Attack on SS Agwiworld, Monterey Bay, 20 December 1941
Torpedo Attack on SS Emidio, Crecent City, 19 December 1941
Joint Forces Training Base, Los Alamitos (Including Naval Auxilary Air Station/Naval Air Station Los Alamitos)
Lieutenant Colonel John W. Mott
Lieutenant Colonel Lillian L. Leong
Long Beach Airport
Phillip C. King Collection
Los Angeles Port of Embarkation
Los Angeles Preparedness Parade, 1916
Manzanar Relocation Center
Mare Island Naval Shipyard (Including Marine Barracks and Naval Magazine)
March Air Reserve Base (including March Field and March Air Force Base)
Marine Corps Air Station, El Toro
Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar (including Naval Auxiliary Air Station, Camp Kearny; Marine Corps Air Depot, Camp Kearny; Marine Corps Air Depot, Miramar; Marine Corps Aviation Base, Kearny Mesa; Naval Auxiliary Air Station, Miramar; Naval Air Station, Miramar)
Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center
Mather Air Force Base (including Mather Field)
McClellan Air Force Base
George Mihal Collection
Mill Valley Air Force Station
Naval Air Station, Alameda
Naval Air Station, Imperial Beach (including Aviation Field, Oneonta Gunnery School Field, Ream Field, Naval Auxiliary Air Station Ream Field, Naval Auxiliary Air Station Imperial Beach, Outlying Field Imperial Beach)
Naval Air Station, Los Alamitos
Naval Air Station, Moffett Field (Including Naval Air Station, Sunnyvale and Army Air Corps Moffett Field)
Naval Air Station, North Island
Naval Air Station, Oakland (Including Oakland Airport and Naval Reserve Air Base, Oakland)
Photographs by William Larkins
Naval Air Station, San Diego
Naval Auxiliary Air Facility (Lighter Than Air), Watsonville
Naval Auxilary Air Station, Arcata
Radford B. Allen, Jr. Collection
Naval Auxilary Air Station, Santa Rosa
Naval Convalescent Hospital, Santa Cruz
Naval Hospital Corona
Naval Hospital Long Beach
Naval Hospital Mare Island
Naval Hospital San Diego
Naval Landing Force Equipment Depot, Albany
Naval Net Depot, Tiburon (Including Naval Coal Depot, California City Point)
Naval Rest Center, Sonoma
Naval Supply Center, Oakland
Naval Training and Distribution Center, Shoemaker
Naval Training Center, Balboa Park, San Diego
Naval Training Center, San Diego
Naval Training Center, Yerba Buena Island
Naval Training Station, Camp Kidd
North American Aviation
Northern Emergency Operation Headquarters
Major General Paul R. Teilh Collection: Annual Training 1968
Northrop Corporation
Oakland Area Station Hospital
Oakland Army Base (Including Camp John T. Knight)
Office of the Adjutant General, California National Guard
Operation Avalanche, Winter 1962-1963
Operation Haylift, January 1949
Operation Minuteman, June 1955
Oroville Army Air Field
Petaluma Guard, California Militia
Phillip C. King Aircraft Images Collection, 1920s-1946
Point Arguello Coast Guard Station
Point Honda Naval Disaster
Point Loma Wireless Station
Point Montara Anti-Aircraft Training Center
Pomona Ordnance Depot
Richard M. Nixon
Ronald Reagan
Presidio of Monterey
11th Cavalry Regiment (Horse)
76th Field Artillery Regiment (Horse)
Presidio of San Diego
Presidio of San Francisco
Recruiting Activities
Rifle and Pistol Teams
Rockwell Field
Edward N. Jackson Collection, 1918
Roseville Railyard Explosion
Saint Mary's College
San Francisco Naval Shipyard (Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard)
San Francisco Port of Embarkation
Camp Stoneman (Pittsburg)
Oakland Army Base (Including Camp John T. Knight)
Fort Mason
Fort McDowell
USAT Yerba Buena
Santa Maria Army Air Field
Santa Monica Army Air Forces Redististribution Center
Santa Monica Recreational Camp
Sarsfield Grenadier Guards
Sequoia Army Air Field / Camp Sequoia
Soledad Prisoner of War Branch
Staff Sergeant Kenneth Kaiser
State Defense Forces (Post 1916)
Home Guard
Military Reserve
State Guard
1st Evacuation Regiment, 1942
Company F, 4th Infantry Regiment, 1942
State Naval Guard
State Militia
Security and Defense Corps
National Guard Reserve
State Military Reserve
2nd Brigade, 1985-1999, BG Donald Riach Collection
State Detachment, 1932-1942
Ray Christian Collection
Captain Marshall J. Clarke Collection
Ken Remwick Collection
Stockton Field
Stockton Ordnance Depot and Stockton Air Force Station
Tanforan Assembly Center
Travis Air Force Base (including Fiarfield-Susuin Army Air Field)
Tule Lake Relocation Center
Turlock Assembly Center
The Nationals
USS Califoria (BB-44)
USS San Francisco (CA-38)
Van Nuys Army Air Field
Vega Aircraft Corporation
Vietnam War
Gilbert D. Camacho Collection
Visalia Army Air Field
World War II
China-Burma-India Theater
Milford Zornes Collection (1943)
Home Front

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