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Sacramento Valley Radio Transmitter Station
(West Coast Relay and Transmitter Station)

In July 1952, 647.90 fee acres and 3.65 easement acres were acquired by the Department of the Army for a total of 651.55 acres. This site is presently hown as Deganawidah- Quetzalcoatl University, Inc. Also lmown as West Coast Relay and Transmitter Station; U.S. Army West Coast Relay and Radio Transmitting Station; and U.S. Army Strategic
Communication Command - CONUS, Davis, California Facility (the site name is referenced by Corps of Engineers real estate historical file). The site is situated 20 miles west of Sacramento, five miles northeast of Winters, Yolo County, California. Before acquisition, the land was utilized for dry farming, production of hay, grain and pasture.

The site was used by the Department of the Army, Signal Corps, to support the Signal Corps Radio Station WVY. There were 9 buildings and miscellaneous improvements deeded to the University described as communications buildings, barracks, storehouses (one with gas station), water pump plants, incinerator, utilities and roads.

On 8 December 1969,647.90 fee acres and 3.65 easement acres were reported as excess to the General Services Administration (GSA). On 28 January 1971, the Department of
Transportation, Federal Highway Administration conveyed 4.85 fee acres by quitclaim deed to the County of Yolo, State of California. As per the deed, in the event the highway purposes no longer exist, the easement and interest revert to the control of GSA. On 2 April 1971, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare conveyed by quitclaim deed 643.05 fee acres and 3.65 easement acres to Deganawidah-Quetzalcoatl University, Inc. For a period of 30 years from the date of the deed the following conditions apply:

(A) Property shall be utilized continuously for educational purposes in accordance with the proposed program and plan as set forth in the Application of the Grantee dated 17 February 1971 and amendment to application dated 15 March 1971.

(B) Any resell, lease, mortgage, encumber or disposal of property shall be in accordance to applicable regulations.

(C) Annually, the Grantee is to file a report on the operation and maintenance of the property evidencing continuous use of the site for the purpose specified in the deed.

(D) Grantee is to comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (78 Stat. 241) and requirements of the Regulation of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (45 CFR Part 80).

(E) Grantee to remain a nonprofit institution, organisration, or association. (F) No portion of the property which has been determined to be subject to flooding may be used for construction of any type of facility that could be damaged by such flooding.

In addition, the Grantee shall maintain the property and improvements during the 30 year period

Posted 3 January 2009

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