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Lime Point Military Reservation: Ridge Battery
Presidio of San Francisco Training Aids Support Center Photo Collection, C-1, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Photo Archives.

Ridge Battery consisted of four 15-inch Rodman emplacements located mid-way along the ridge and more than a hundred yards north of Cliff Battery/Battery Spencer. It was first armed in 1893 with four 15-inch Rodman smoothbores transferred from the Presidio of San Francisco. (They were dismounted at Fort Scott to make way for construction of Battery Cranston and Marcus Miller.) Ridge Battery was disarmed circa 1909. It wasn't affected by the construction of Cliff Battery, and its four positions are still visible as you walk up the "covered way" to Battery Spencer.
Ridge Battery
by Justin Ruhge
Ridge Battery was just inland from Cliff Battery by about 100 feet. Here Mendell proposed to place four 15-inch guns and four seacoast mortars. Two of the guns would fire into the waters of the bay and two toward the sea. Two traverses containing magazines would complete the works. This battery was only slightly lower than Cliff Battery, its terreplein having an elevation of 438 feet. This battery was also completed in 1873. Most of it exists today. Only two 8-inch rifles were mounted here in the 1890s. No mortars were ever mounted.
Ridge Battery Today
Looking towards Battery Spenser, October 2000
Looking From Battery Spenser, October 2000
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