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Russian Gulch Civilian Conservation Corps Camp
Located in today's Russian Gulch State Park, this former Civilain Conservation Corps Camp (No. SP-11) was taken over by the Army's Western Defense Command soon after America's entry into World War II. The 1 June 1943 Army of the United States Station List indicated that Troop B (less one platoon), 107th Cavalry (Mechanized) garrisoned the camp and mounted coastal patrols from the camp.
US Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District History (1992)
Location: The Russian Gulch Campsite is located three miles north of Mendocino, in Mendocino County, California (Figure 1 and Figure 2).
Site History: In 1942 or 1943, the U.S. Government War Department acquired use and occupancy of roughly 6.5 acres of land by an undated use permit and donation from the State of California. The site had been developed and used by the California Conservation Corps (CCC) as a campsite. The War Department also used the site as a campsite. The use permit granted use and occupancy of the site, the buildings and equipment located at the CCC Camp. A Corps of Engineers Real Estate map of the camp showed several offices, barracks, garages, maintenance facilities, and a refuse incinerator on the site. These improvements were made by the CCC. The use permit stipulated that the United States Government was to repair, replace, and restore the premises to the condition that existed at the time the War Department commenced to occupy the premises. The use permit was terminated in 1944 and the site was returned to the State of California.

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