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Sweeney Ridge Military Reservation
(San Francisco Defense Area Site SF-51C)
Integrated Fire Control Area (SF-51C)
Extract, History of San Francisco Defense Area SF-51, Milagra Ridge Military Reservation (2007) by Dan Sebby
SF-51's Control Area (SF-51C, also known as the Integrated Fire Control area) was the location of the Site's radar and fire control systems. The Control Area was located 1-1/2 miles to the southeast on Sweeney Ridge and allowed for 360-degree "line-of-site" radar coverage by the Site's tracking and search radar systems. The missile tracking radar would "lock-on" to the missiles as they sat on the launcher and follow them from launch to impact with the target. The Control Area was located away from the Launcher Area because the high speed of the Nike missiles would have destroyed the mechanisms of the missile tracking radar.

The Site was garrisoned by the U.S. Army's Battery C, 740th Antiaircraft Artillery Missile Battalion (1956 through September 1958); Battery C, 4th Missile Battalion, 61st Artillery Regiment (September 1958 through July 1959); and Battery D, 2nd Missile Battalion, 51st Artillery Regiment (July 1959 through June 1963). The California Army National Guard's Battery A, 1st Missile Battalion, 250th Artillery Regiment (1st California) (After 1966, Battery A, 1st Battalion (Nike-Hercules), 250th Air Defense Artillery Regiment (1st California)). garrisoned the Site from June 1963 until April 1974 when the garrison was inactivated and the Site was deactivated (Morgan and Berhow 2002).
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (2003)
Location: The 14.12-acre site is located seven miles west of San Bruno and three miles northeast of Rockaway Beach in the town of Pacifica in San Mateo County, California. The entrance to the 14.12-acre (1.0 acre license, 4.2 acres easement, and 8.92 acres leased) site is located at the end of Sneath Lane. A portion of the site is currently owned by the Department of Interior as part of the GGNRA and is open to the public for hiking and other outdoor activities.
Site History: From 1954 to 1958, the Consumer Ice Company leased 9.92 acres to the government for the construction of the Sweeney Military Reservation. The government also acquired 4.2 easement acres from a private party on 3 November 1969 and a corporation on 23 July 1970. The site was used for the control of guided missiles for the defense against high-flying enemy aircraft and guided missiles. On 17 October 1974, .44 acre was terminated and another .56 acre was terminated on 22 June 1959. The 4.2-easement acres were reported excess on 14 July 1975. The lease for the 8.92 acres expired on 17 October 1974 and reverted to Texas International, et al. The lessor waived all claims for the restoration of the property, however settlement of restoration was included in the litigation. The Department of Interior, GGNRA acquired the 8.92 acres on 15 February 1984 from the Texas International Company.


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