Historic California Posts, Camps, Stations and Airfields
San Francisco Quartermaster Market Center
Established in the summer of 1942 at 248 Battery Street in San Francisco. At some point after 1946, this activity moved to 180 New Montgomery Street where it remained until 30 November 1951 when the activity was disestablished and reestablished across the San Francisco Bay at the Alameda Medical Depot under the provision of Department of the Army General Order 92 dated 25 October 1951.
The center's mission was to purchase, store and distribute perishable foods. Although under control of the Army's Quartermaster General, this activity provided support to the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. The 7 April 1945 and 7 May 1946 editions of the Army of the United States Station List indicate that the activity was operated by Detachment 31, 9161st Quartermaster Corps Technical Service Unit.

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Posted 20 April 2016