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Terminal Island Barrage Balloon Sites A and B
A barrage balloon being launded at San Diego's Balboa Park in 1942 (San Diego Automotive Museum)
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District Histories (1 October 1990)
Site A: The site identified as the former Terminal Island Barrage Balloon Site A, was used by the Army between 1943 and 1944. The site is comprised of 3 parcels of land located parallel to Terminal Way and northeast of the intersection of Tuna Street and Terminal Way. The entire site is located on Terminal Island in East San Pedro, California.

On 11 August 1943, 2.414 acres were required by use permit from the Department of the Navy. 3. The site was used as a barrage balloon launching site. No records are available regarding construction improvements.

The property was declared surplus 12 April 1944. Custody was reassumed by the Department of Navy on 8 May 1944.

The site is being beneficially used by the current owner. Property ownership is maintained by the City of Los Angeles. The site is being used by current tenants for the purpose of cannery
associated operations and shipping terminals. There is no evidence of hazardous/toxic material, ordnance or debris resulting from DOD use of the site.
Site B: The site, identified as the former Terminal Island. Barrage Balloon Site B, was used by the Department of Defense between 1943 and 1950. The major portion of the site, consisting of 1.43 acres west of South Seaside Avenue, is part of an active military installation. The site is located on the Southwest corner of Terminal Island.

On 9 October 1943, 1.43 acres were acquired by use permit from the Federal Security Agency (FSA) and on 15 November 1943, 0.06 of an acre was acquired by use permit from the Navy Department.

The site was used as a balloon launching site and for military housing. No records are available describing any construction of improvements.

On 7 September 1945, 1.43 acres were retransferred to the FSA. On 6 April 1950, 0.06 of an acre was retransferred to the Navy Department. Presently, the area consisting of 1.43 acres is part of US Coast Guard Base used for the purpose of military housing. The area consisting of 0.06 of an acre is the property of the US Federal Correctional Institution.
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