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Thornton Beach Military Reservation

Thornton Beach Military Reservation was established in 1942. The holding consisted of a 14.5 acre permit, a no acre encroachment permit and a no acre license. Thornton Beach Military Reservation is located six miles southwest of San Francisco, in San Mateo County, California. See Firgures 1 through 3.

The site was used for harbor defense and as a maneuver area. The only documented improvement was a buried communication cable used for military purposes.

In 1943, the 14.5 acres of land, more or less, was terminated. In 1953, the no area permit and no area license were terminated. The United States was to restore the premises, if required, to the same condition as that existed at the time of entering the agreements. The site is currently owned by the State of California State Parks, but has been closed to public access since the mid 1970s due to the danger of landslides.

Source: US Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District



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