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Turlock Chemical Warfare Service Plant
(Turlock Bomb Loading Plant)

In 1945, the War Department acquired fee title to 156.5 acres of land by means of a Declaration of Taking. Chemurgic Corporation (CC) constructed a facility on the site to fulfill a war contract with the Chemical Warfare Service of the U.S. Army for M-69 (Incendiary Oil) Bomb loading and storage. The contract was terminated with CC in 1945.

The improvements built on the site include: manufacturing and warehouse buildings; sheds and shelters; powder magazines and chemical warehouses; bomb storage pads and storage facilities; and water, sewage, and electrical utilities. In 1946, the total acreage and selected improvements were assumed by the War Assets Administration. Chemurgic Corporation purchased the 156.5 acre site from the War Assets Administration in 1946. Since acquiring the property, Chemurgic has sold parts of the site to private owners.

Source: US Army Corps of Engineers


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