Historic California Post Camp Stations and Airfields
Vidal Junction Gap Filler Annex M-128A
On 25 September 1956, 3.96 acres of land (serial No. LA 0143864 Tract No. RE-D6349) were transferred from Public Domain to the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management. On 7 February 1957, the Department of the Air Force acquired the land from the Department of the Interior by letter to use approximately 0.28 acres for helicopter pad and the remainder for road access.

The site was originally used for the construction of a Gap Filler site with a landing area and rights of way for road access. It was to provide data to Kingman Air Force Station in Arizona. However, no improvements have been placed on the land by the Air Force as the requirement for this site was deleted from the Air Defense Command Radar Net. The 3.96 acre land remained raw and undeveloped, and it was not contaminated by live bombs or any type of ammunition. At the time, no services or obligations were being rendered to the concerned property.

On 21 September 1960 the U.S. Air Force Base Civil Engineering declared the 3.96 acre land as excess and recommended it be returned to the Department of the Interior. The land was relinquished to the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management on 16 February 1961. There were no legal instruments granting an interest in the property or the temporary use of it.
Source: Los Angeles District, US Army Corps of Engineers, 12 April 1993
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