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Vina Auxiliary Field No. 3
Vina Auxiliary Field No 3. (National Archives)
History (2007) by Dan Sebby, Military Historian, California Military Department
The former Vina Auxiliary Field comprises 323.62 acres in Tehama County, California and is 3 miles northeast of Vina and 15 miles northwest of Chico. The Army-built landing mat remain.
The Site was acquired between October 1942 and 26 February 1943 for use as an auxiliary airfield and initially supported the Army Air Forces Basic Flying School at Chico Army Air Field (AAF). During this period the primary aircraft that would have used the Site would have been the Vultee BT-13 and BT-15 trainers as an "off-site" training location.

During World War II, the mission of Chico AAF changed to that of air defense; primarily intercepting Japanese balloon bombs. Chico AAF also became a Combat Crew Training Station for fighter squadrons preparing to deploy and also served as an unmanned emergency landing field.

Research indicated that the only improvements made by the U.S. Army at the former Vina Auxiliary Field was a 3,000-foot by 3,000-foot paved landing mat, a cras This allowed for student pilots and disabled aircraft to safely land from any direction. The 1944 directory of U.S. Army and Navy airfields indicated that there were no services at the Site.

On 20 November 1946 the Site was transferred to the War Assets Administration (WAA) for disposal. The WAA transferred the Site to the Farm Credit Administration's Federal Land Bank of Berkeley who later deeded the Site to the County of Tehama for use as a municipal airport. The Site is now in privare hands.

US Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District History

Between 1942 and 1943, the United States acquired 240 acres from Leland Stanford Jr. University and 83.62 acres from various other owners. Total acreage acquired for the site was 323.62.

The site was known as Vina Auxiliary Field No. 3; Chico Auxiliary Field A-3, Vina Tract No. B Chico Satellite Field A-3 Project, Tehama; Chico Basic Flying School Satellite Field No. A-3; Tract No. D, Flying School Satellite Field Tehama; Chico Army Air Field (Vina Auxiliary Field A-3); Auxiliary Field A-3; and Vina Auxiliary Airfield, CA. The site is 3 miles northeast of Vina, Tehama County, CA, and was used by the War Department for flight training as an auxiliary field to Chico Army Air Field. Improvements were runways, buildings, roads, crew shelters, one latrine, utilities, a dust palliative surface treatment landing mat.

On 20 November 1946, the 323.62 acres were turned over to the War Assets Administration for disposal.


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