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Wasco Auxiliary Field No. 1
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (4 September 1992)
The site is located in northern Kern County, California, approximately 1.5 miles north of the City of Wasco. The property includes one quarter of Section 35, Township 26 South, Range 24 East.
County Land Company by lease on 16 June 1941. The property included 40 acres of the northern quarter of the existing Wasco Airport and 120 acres immediately to the north of that airport.

Wasco Airport was used by the Army Air Corps for touch-and-go landing practice. Pilots based at Minter Field, 12 miles to the southeast, used the site. No permanent buildings or structures were constructed by the War Department. Runways never extended north past their currently existing configuration.

The property was probably released by the Army in the late 1940s but no .later than 30 June 1951, as indicated in the lease of 16 June 1941. The southern 40 acres of the subject property, occupied by the Wasco Airport, is currently owned by the County of Kern. The northern: 120 acres of the subject property is privately owned and in agricultural use.
Extract, US Army Air Forces Directory of Airfields (January 1945)

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