"… Californians, especially notoriously good fighters, were standing up to the rack like men, dealing out to us the best they had. They rallied at every call on them and went down with banners flying."
-John W. Munson, Commenting on the California Cavalry Battalion from Reminiscences of a Mosby Guerrilla.
Spanish Soldado de Cuera - circa 1790 (US Army Art Collection)
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It should be noted that this site does not glorify war. Rather, its intent is to remind this and future generations of the sacrifices made by previous generations to keep our state and nation free.

Californians have a long and proud tradition of service that stretches back over two centuries when Alta California was a Spanish colony and later a Mexican province. Since joining the Union, California has provided more of its citizens to our common defense than any other state. From the lonely 18th century colonial presidios of the El Real Ejército de California (Royal Spanish Army of California) to the mountains of Afghanistan, Californians have always been there and continue the tradition of selfless service.

Californians who have served our nation reads like a who's who of American Military History. Generals William T. Sherman, Henry Halleck and Joseph Hooker all served in the California State Militia before the Civil War. Many of the leaders on both sides of that war served in California. The California Volunteers were among the first to enter Manila during the Spanish-American War. Nelson Holderman, considered by many to be the most decorated American soldier of the First World War, served in the California National Guard before and after the war. Generals George Patton and James Doolittle were native Californians and Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz and General of the Air Force Henry "Hap" Arnold considered California their home state.

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Status of the California Military Museum System
Opened in 1991, The California State Military Museum was operated for the California Military Department by a non-profit organization, as the State did not have a mechanism to receive donated artifacts and funds. The museum operated under this arrangement until 2013 when a combination of factors resulted in the termination of the relationship with that non-profit organization. At the same time the state's budget crisis and limitations on state funds resulted in the closing of the Sacramento museum, which was occupying very expensive commercial rental property in Old Sacramento. In the interim, the Camp Roberts Historical Museum is functioning as the State's official military museum and US Army Museum Activity until the Sacramento museum is reestablished. The Military Department's strategic plan for the museum system is located HERE
A recent change in California state law now gives the California Military Department the authority to solicit and receive artifacts, monetary and other tax deductible contributions for the California Military Museum System without requiring the use of an outside non-profit organization.
For your tax planning purposes here are the Federal and California tax citations:
Federal: Internal Revenue Code Section 170(c)(1) Federal Tax Identification No. 94-6001336
State: California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 17201(a).
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