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Wilmington Classification and Holding Yard
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1999)
The property comprising the Wilmington Classification and Holding Yand was acquired by the U.S. Army during the years 1943 and 1944. Records indicate that 272.23 acres were leased from the City of Los Angeles (W2972-eng-755 and W04-193-eng-4356). Approximately 1.55 acres were leased from the Watson Land Company (W04-193-eng- 2652). Approximately 0.65 acres were acquired by permit and 0.142 acres were acquired by license from various private and public parties. Thus, a .total of 274.57 acres were acquired by the Army for the Wilmington Classification and Holding Yard.

The site was used by the U.S. Army as a loading and storage area for military equipment awaiting shipment. Improvements to the site, all constructed in 1943 and 1944, included three warehouses, a railroad spur, sewer and water lines.

In the months of May and June 1946, 201.57 and 73 acres, respectively, of the Classification and Holding Yard were declared surplus. On 1 July 1946 the 274.57 acre site was formally
transferred to the Veterans Administration. Following this, no transfer records were found that describe the termination of numerous leases, permits, and licenses that were acquired for this
site. However, through conversations with the Real Property Division of the City of Los Angeles it has been determined the City of Los Angeles currently owns 274.57 acres previously leased to the Army for the former Wilmington Classification and Hold Yard. This property is associated with the Port of Los Angeles and is used to support loading and storage activities, import and export
operations, and oil refining.
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