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Wylie Radio Station
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1994)
On 10 April 1942 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers acquired 0.534 acres by lease for the Wylie Radio Station from a R.C. Wylie, et al. Three use permits were acquired for properties, of unknown acreage, in the vicinity of the site on 24 and 30 November 1942 and 22 December 1942.

The site was used by the Army as a radio station. The properties, of unknown acreage, in the vicinity of the site were used for the maintenance of all necessary electrical and radio antenna, masts, poles and wires over the property in connection with the use or maintenance of the radio station.

On 12 July 1944 the three use permits and the lease were classified as surplus. The per.mits and lease were terminated on 16 September 1944. Releases relating to the use permits were signed on 30 November 1948, 28 December 1948, and 6 January 1949 releasing the United States Government "for any and all claims for rental" and "any and all other claims ...". arising out of or incidental to the use and/or occupancy" of the permitted property. The 0.534-acre site is currently owned by the Morrison and Cook Street Partnership, et aI, and Ms. Carroll Silvera, on which are the Santa Maria Care Center and a multi-unit apartment complex.
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1993)
Location: The site is located at 820 and 826 West Cook Street in Santa Maria, California. A site map is attached. The eastern boundary of the site is located approximately 150 feet west of Railroad Avenue. The western boundary is located approximately 250 feet east of Oakley Avenue. The northern boundary is located on Cook Street. And the southern boundary is located approximately 250 feet south of Cook Street. See Figures 1 and 2 for site location.

Site History: From April 10, 1942, to September 16, 1944, the War Department leased this site from R.C. Wylie, et aI, under lease number W3460-eng-759. The Army used this site as a
radio station. A radio antenna, masts, poles, and wires were installed on the site.

On 16 September 1944, the site was declared surplus. The site is now owned by private owners.

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