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Camp Pilot Knob

Camp Pilot Knob was at the southern end of the California-Arizona Maneuver Area (CAMA) just north of Yuma, Arizona. The 6th and 85th Infantry Divisions trained here. To reach the site, go north one mile on Sidewinder Road from its junction with Interstate Highway 8 just northwest of Yuma. The camp can be seen from Sidewinder Road.

Source: World War II Sites in the United States: A Tour Guide and Directory by Richard E. Osbourne
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Camp Pilot Knob, was located five miles to the northwest of Yuma, Arizona. The map coordinates are latitude 32°, 44', 25" north and longitude 114°, 43', 10" west. The site is located on the Quechan Tribe of the. Fort Yuma Indian Reservation.
A total of 18 tracts of land (4004.75 acres) comprised the total camp area. Between January and April 1943, the War Department acquired 1559.66 acres via Use Permit from the Department of the Interior; 1067 acres via permits from private individuals, 640 acres from the state of California. No formal permission was obtained for 80 acres from the Department of the
Interior and 658.09 acres from private individuals.

As part of the California - Arizona Maneuver Area (CAMA), later renamed the Desert Training Center, Camp Pilot Knob was designed as a temporary location to train troops (initialy the 85th Infantry Division) in desert warfare. The only structures erected on the land during the Army's use were temporary latrines (box type with fly), and pyramidal wood framed tents.

The land reverted back to the original owners when the Army canceled 1725.09 acres of the lesser interest permits during the period 1 June 1944 to 27 February 1945 and a 640 acre lesser
interest permit on 28 October 1952. The public domain areas were relinquished to the Department of the Interior on 20 April 1945 (1559.66 acres-Use Permit) and on 24 December 1948 (80 acres-no formal permission obtained). currently, the 18 former tracts that comprised Camp Pilot Knob can be tracked to approximately 76 parcels totaling 3886.75 acres. Of the 76 parcels that comprise the camp, 16 (2566 acres) are owned by the government through the Bureau of Land Management. The remaining 60 parcels (1320.75 acres) are owned by the private sector. Approximately 118 acres are not accounted for due to the expansion of the Interstate, railroad right-of-ways, and other miscellaneous right-of-ways.
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Source: Los Angeles District, US Army Corps of Engineers
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