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Needles Army Air Field
(Needles Airport, Needles Auxiliary Field)

Located 5.5 miles south of Needles, this airport was used by the Army to support training throughout the California-Arizona Maneuver Area (CAMA). This field also served as and auxiliary field for March Field. Was returned back to civil operations by January 1945. Now Needles Municipal Airport.


Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management History (2012)
The 800-acres site was located south of the town of Needles, California and was surrounded by land associated with the Needles Divisional Camp maneuver area. According to information collected from interviews with the manager of the Needles Municipal Airport and a local resident, the airport was established in 1933 as part of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration (WPA) and owned by the United States Government. The existing airport and land was acquired by the War Department during World War II. Additional land was also acquired for the purpose of extending the existing airport runways. The Needles Municipal Airport was used as an auxiliary field for March Field and primarily for the transport of United States Army officers.
Extract, US Army Air Forces Directory of Airfields (January 1945)
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