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Fort Funston: Battery Lawerence L. Bruff
Battery Lawerence L. Bruff
by Sgt. Maj. (CA) Dan Sebby, Military Historian, California Military Historian
In February 1917, work began on a temporary battery to mount two 5-inch rapid fire guns to come from Fort Winfield Scott's Battery Sherwood. The USACE completed the battery on 30 January 1919 and turned it over to the Coast Artillery Corps. The only concrete in the emplacement was in the gun platforms; the plotting room was a wooden building. The battery's ammunition magazine was a mere wooden shelter between the guns covered with a thin layer of earth. This battery was named for Colonel Lawrence L. Bruff, an ordnance officer who had died in 1911, and it should not be confused with the later Battery Bluff. Battery Lawrence L. Bruff was declared obsolete a mere six months after it had been turned over to the Coast Artillery Corps, making it the shortest-lived battery in the San Francisco Bay defenses.
Battery Lawerence L. Bruff
by Justin Ruhge
Battery Bruff was a temporary installation. It used two 5-inch guns from Battery Sherwood at Fort Winfield Scott. The two platforms for the 5-inch guns on pedestal mounts were completed at a cost of $3, 572. The ammunition storage consisted of a wooden shelter between the two emplacements covered with a thin layer of earth. The works were turned over to the artillery troops on January 30, 1919.
This Battery was named in honor of Colonel Lawrence L. Bruff, an ordnance officer who had been an instructor at West Point and the author of texts on ordnance and gunnery. He had died in 1911.
Six months after the engineers turned the battery over to the troops, the War Department declared it obsolete on July 22, 1919. The guns were removed and the site covered over with sand.
Report of Completed Works - Seacoast Fortifications: Battery Lawerence L. Bruff
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