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Camp Carleton
(Camp Banning, Camp Prentiss, New Camp Carleton)
From the days of the Mexican War, when Mormon Battalion soldiers were posted at Cajon Pass until the Civil War, there were military camps around San Bernardino from time to time. A Mormon past, Cajon Pass Camp, was near present-day Devore, probably on Martin's Ranch, which was later used as an Army camp in December 1857 and January 1859 for a company of infantry. In February 1859, the soldiers moved nearer San Bernardino and named their newly established post Camp Banning. When official designation was made, it was called Camp Prentiss. Between these two designations the troops went to Fort Yuma and the Mojave War and returned across the desert. Their camp was believed to have been situated in the environs of Valley College, near the intersection of Mount Vernon Avenue and Mill Street.

When the men returned from their desert duty they established Camp Carleton on the north bank of the Santa Ana River, south of San Bernardino, in the vicinity of present Waterman Avenue. Camp Carleton was the largest of several to be maintained at various times in the city's vicinity. It was established in the fall of 1861 by Captain William A. McCleave and the 1st California Cavalry to watch such successionest activities in nearby San Bernardino. After a flood in 1862, this camp's garrison moved to El Monte, 10 miles east of Los Angeles, and established New Carnp Carleton. The post was abandoned in 1865.
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Camp Carleton
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