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Naval Outlying Field, Mile Square Farm
(Marine Corps Outlying Field, Mile Square)
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1993)
In 1942, the Navy Department obtained by condemnation approximately 640 acres of land in what is now the City of Fountain Valley. The original site was comprised of 21 separate land parcels with areas of from 5 acres to 80 acres. The site was designated as Naval Outlying Field (NOLF) Mile Square Farm (or simply 'Mile Square') and was in the custody of the Naval Air Station, Los Alamitos.
In 1955, the facility was redesignated as Marine Corps Outlying Field (MCOLF) Mile Square to Marine Corp Air Facility, Santa Ana (later renamed Marine Corps Air Station Tustin). In June, 1959, the Navy leased approximately 500 acres to the Heil Ranch Partnership for agricultural purposes. In October, 1963, the Navy granted an easement to the City of Fountain Valley for construction, operation and maintenance of a drainage channel.

The drainage channel easement covered 7.08 acres. Also in october, 1963, the Navy amended it's lease with the Heil Ranch Partnership to exclude the land covered under the drainage easement granted to the City of Fountain Valley. In March, 1967, the Navy leased portions of the facility (no acreage available) to the County of Orange for the purposes of constructing a park and playground with related cultural and recreational facilities.

In May, 1971, the U.S. granted an easement (no acreage available) to the City of Fountain Valley for purposes of constructing and maintaining the four public streets which border the site. In April, 1973, the Navy quitclaimed 507 acres of the site to Orange County. The quitclaimed acreage consisted of the original site minus an area of 137.26 acres situated in the center of the site on which the landing field runways are situated. In June, 1991, the Navy deeded the 137.26 acre runway site to Orange county in exchange for acreage to be used for housing in another part of the County. Since 1973, the County has developed the areas outside of the center triangle with several recreational facilities. The eastern side of the park contains picnic areas.

There is a small artificial lake and a archery area. The southwest corner of the park has a regulation golf course. On the west side of the park, the City of Fountain Valley has built a multi-use recreation center with tennis, basketball, volleyball courts, softball and soccer fields, and other facilities. The northwest corner of the park contains a small golf course with golf driving range and practice areas. The center triangle is undeveloped except for concrete runways. The County is currently studying revenue generating development for the center triangle.

Typical types of development being considered are a golf course and a resort type hotel. The Department of Defense no longer owns any part of this site.
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1994)
A collection of contiguous 21 parcels was acquired by condemnation by the Navy Department between 1942 and 1944, inclusive. Intra-agency government correspondence indicates the approximate total land area to have been 640 ares.

The site was used for air traffic control ahd aircraft maintenance by the Navy and then by the Marine Corps. Any above ground improvements constructed by Navy have been removed, except for the runways.

In 1973, 507 acres were quitclaimed to Orange County by the Department of the Navy. In 1991, 137.26 acres were deeded to Orange County by the Department of the Navy in exchange for
another parcel of land, completing transfer of title of the entire site trom the United States Government. T
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Extract, US Army Air Forces Directory of Airfields (January 1945)


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