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Prisoner of War Camps in California

Name of camp, county, number of prisoners, principle type of work, and dates of operation.


Benicia Arsenal, Solono County, 650 prisoners, Military
Burbank Prisoner of War Processing Station
Byron Hot Springs, Conta Costa County, Reception and Interrogation Center
Camp Beale, Yuba County, 1,206 prisoners, Military
Arbuckle, Colusa County, 198 prisoners Agricultural. Transferred to the War Department, 14 March 1945, Transferred back to US Department of Agriculture 1 August 1946
Windsor, Sonoma County, 251 prisoners, Agricultural. Activated 1 August 1944. Inactivate 4 June 1946

Camp Cooke, Santa Barbara County, 829 prisoners, Military
Buttonwillow, Kern County, Activated 24 October 1945; Inactivated14 January 1946
Delano, Kern County, Activated 24 October 1945 Inactivated, 26 March 1946
Goleta, Santa Barbara County, 247 prisoners, Agricultural. Activated 20 October 1944, Inactivated 4 December 1945.
The Goleta Branch Camp was located beside Highway 101 on the Edwards Ranch at Gatos Canyon, about nine miles west of Goleta.
Lakelands, San Joaquin County, 631 prisoners, Agricultural. Activated 14 May 1945, Inactivated 5 October 1945
Lemoore, Fresno County, Activated 8 December 1945, Inactivated 11 April 1946
Old River, Kern County, Activated 18 October 1945, Inactivated 6 January 1946
Saticoy, Ventura County, 437 prisoners, Agricultural. Activated 27 May 1945 Inactivated after 1946
Shafter, Kern County, 588 prisoners, Agricultural. Activated 18 December 1944, Inactivated 5 October 1945
Tachi Farms, Corcoran, Kings County, Activated 21 November 1945, Inactivated 2 Jan 1946
Tagus Ranch, Tulare County, 220 prisoners Agricultural. Activated 29 July 1944, Inactivated 13 February 1946
Tipton, Tulare County, 397 prisoners, Agricultural. Activated 24 May 1945, Inactivated 4 February 1946
Tulare Fair Grounds, Tulare County, 245 prisoners Agricultural. Activated 11 December 1944, Inactivated 24 January 1946

Camp Haan, Riverside County, 248 German and 213 Italian prisoners, Military
Birmingham General Hospital, Los Angeles, 45 prisoners. Hospital
Camp Anza, Military
Camp Irwin, San Bernardino County, 9 prisoners, Military
Camp Roberts, Monterey County, 898 prisoners, Military
Camp San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo County, 223 prisoners, Militay.
DeWitt General Hosptal, Placer County, Hospital
Fort McDowell, Marin County, German and Military
Fort Ord, Monterey County, 1,079 Military
Coalinga, Fresno County, Agricultural
Dairyland, Madera County, 249 prisoners, Agricultural
Firebaugh, Fresno County, 250 prisoners, Agricultural
Soledad, Monterey County, 469 prisoners, Agricultural
Lamont, Kern County, 946 prisoners, Agricultural, Activated 18 December 1944, Inactivated 5 October 1945
Boswell Ranch, Corcoran, Kings County, 499 prisoners, Agricultural. Activated 1 December 1944, Inactivated 5 October 1945
Letterman General Hospital, San Francisco, 175 prisoners, Military.
Mitchell Convelesent Hospital, San Diego County, 283 Italian Prisoners.
Pomona Ordnance Depot, Los Angeles, 1,151 prisoner, Military
Chino, San Bernadino County, 513 prisoners, Agricultural Activated 6 October 1944, Inactivated 1 April 1945
Garden Grove, Orange County, 250 prisoners, Agricultural
San Bernardino Engineer Depot (Camp Ono), San Bernardino, unknown number of prisoners, Military
Stockton Ordnance Depot San Joaquin County, 1,551 prisoners, Military
Bacon Island, San Joaquin County, 251 prisoners, Agricultural
Benicia Arsenal, Solono County, 650 prisoners, Military
Bouldin Island, San Joaquin County, 251 Agricultural
California Quartermaster Sub-Depot, Tracy, San Joaquin County, 440 prisoners, Military
Clarksburg, Yolo County, 249 prisoners, Agricultural
Davis, Yolo County, Agricultural
DeWitt General Hosptal, Placer County, Hospital
King Island, San Joaquin County, 251 prisoners, Agricultural
Rindge Tract, San Joaquin County, 250 prisoners, Agricultural
Sacramento Signal Depot, Sacramento County, 239 prisoner, Military.
San Joaquin County Fairgrounds, San Joaquin County, 979 prisoners, Millitay.
Upper Jones Tract, San Joaquin County, 250 prisoners, Agricultural.
Vernalis, San Joaquin County, 275 prisoners, Agricultural.
Woodland, Yolo County, Agricultural

Torney General Hospital, Riverside County, 244 Italian Prisoners Military

Tule Lake, Siskiyou County, 123 prisoners Military and Agriculture (Branch Camp of Camp White, Oregon)


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Geiger, Jeffrey E. German prisoners of war at Camp Cooke, California : personal accounts of 14 soldiers, 1944-1946 Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., c1996.

"Enemy Prisoners of War in the United States" from Statistical Review: World War II Appendix K Army Service Forces, War Department (this document is in SJVIS files, and was also obtained from the U.S. Army Military History Institute)

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